Your real life is in you not around you.png

This is a powerful yet very true statement.  You take yourself wherever you go.  Your inside life effects everything you do and every relationship you have.  I believe that learning to like yourself is one of the most critical changes you can make to move your life forward. 

Growing up is hard.  Adulting is really hard.


I often hear people say how easy the teen years are and I think "you have no clue how hard it is to do life as a teen or young adult in today's culture."  You face incredible pressures every day.  Your stress levels are high and learning to cope can be tough.

When I decided to become a therapist, I realized that working with girls was truly my passion.  I have walked through many personal experiences similar to what girls are dealing with today.  I enjoy helping clients navigate academic, work, home and social environments. 

Often, we feel so alone during these years.  It can be really helpful to have someone supportive and directive while learning how to grow up.

I like the idea of a coach.  Coaches support, direct, guide and teach you the skills to succeed at your sport.  But they don't do the work for you... they empower you to take charge and own it, even excel at it.  I tend to operate the same way when it comes to living your life. 

I studied Human Development & Family studies at Penn State University and then spent several years doing life.  I worked in corporate sales & marketing roles and spent time as a recruiter helping people find the right job and career path.

I received my Masters degree at Southeastern University in Professional Counseling and have built a practice that focuses exclusively on the mental health and well-being of teen girls and young women.  I am currently in the Doctoral program at Liberty University for Community Counseling and Care: Marriage & Family Therapy.

I am specifically trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, incorporating specific skills into treatment that is tailored to your needs.  I also value a faith-based perspective and can incorporate that worldview into treatment if that is important to you.



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