Young Women Living

Stop existing and start living

Life may not be where you think it should be. 

You may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed, confused or just uncertain.  Maybe you recognize something needs to change but you are unsure what or how. 

You don't like the direction your life is headed and you want help pointing towards a path that makes more sense and brings more enjoyment.

College and the transition to young professional life can be stressful and lonely.  Often there are issues from the past that begin to surface and need to be dealt with in order to grow and become successful.


professional counseling & Personal Coaching services

Katie uses a coaching approach regardless of your mental health needs.  She can help you learn skills to cope better in all areas of life including your emotions, relationships, thoughts, spiritual and physical needs. 

Areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, perfectionism, low self-worth, grief, ADHD, eating disorders, college & career planning, relationships and more.


Insurance is not accepted however services may be reimbursed if out of network is available.

Call discuss working with me!



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A podcast for young women

We all have a script running through our head and we often don’t slow down enough to listen to what it is really telling us and how that affects every area of our lives. The Pink Script is a resource that shares stories of mental health with real-life talk on on how we can rewrite the script and live a better life simply by changing the way you think & talk to yourself.